Hours: 7:00 am-4:30 pm CST Mon - Fri


Inland Tool Company offers a full service of welding and assembly capabilities. We offer fastener (nuts, bolts, sleeves, etc.) welding through projection welding, spot welding and robotic spot welding. Our fastener welders use nut and bolt feeders to improve throughput. Nut and part sensors improve both quality and throughput.


We do assemblies which include assembling brackets to other brackets, adding fasteners, foam, grommets, sleeves, paint, plating, plastic parts and rubber parts to form a completed assembly.


Inland Tool utilizes several manufacturing cells of our own design and build. These cells combine assembly, spot welding, hot caulking, machining and staking, all into one cell. Vision technology is used to verify that operations are done completely, accurately and to specifications. These cells are flexible enough to produce different parts using poke yoke and physical and electronic mistake proofing to ensure that proper parts are used in the assembly process.


Inland Tool also assembles an electrical controls assembly (UL approved) that is sold to both electrical distributors and to the big box retailers. These products are made on a flexible assembly line dedicated to both in process and final assembly. Raw materials/components enter and final boxed and labeled assemblies leave.