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Inland Tool Company has experienced tool design and tool engineering staffs. We design complex progressive dies, weld, machining or quality control fixtures and where needed special equipment to stamp, weld or assemble stampings and assemblies.

Inland Tool Company uses the latest in CAD tools, including CATIA version 5.0, Cimatron, SOLIDWORKS and the latest Autocad versions. We are able to translate or read data from nearly any CAD system. Our high speed capability facilitates an effective use of the internet and e-mail to transfer documents, files and drawings between ourselves and our customers and suppliers.

We view our ability to anticipate and eliminate problems upfront in the design phase to be a significant competitive advantage. Inland Tool Company has expertise to help solve problems in tooling, material specifications and options, electronic sensing, quality, process engineering and part design or cost and value optimization. Let us put our expertise to work solving your problems.